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Color Planting

April 13, 2021

We all love a splash of amazing colors and some dramatic arrangement in flowery. Paying attention to the way our flowers are planted improves your home’s landscape and makes it a sight for sore eyes. You can’t be in a frenzy around really beautiful flowers, they’re such tranquilizers that can help you relieve lots of stress. Flower planting makes for an extremely useful component for outdoor activities and events. That’s why at AR landscaping, we ensure that all our plants are hand-picked and sorted so as to use the best quality and most beautiful ones for your gardens. From carefully picking out existing flowers to replacing them with fresher and better-looking ones, we always do our best. First, we access your landscape, checking your sprinkler systems, topography, drainage, etc for a personalized service delivery. When we are done with planting your new flowers, we welcome your plants to their new how with our specialized hand watering strategy.